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The Blackhead Vacuum
The Blackhead Vacuum
The Blackhead Vacuum
The Blackhead Vacuum
The Blackhead Vacuum

The Blackhead Vacuum

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#1 Selling Blackhead Remover!

  • Powerful suction removes blackheads & impurities deep below the surface without squeezing or chemicals
  • 3 suction levels suitable for sensitive skin
  • Unclogs pores & removes excess oil
  • Prevents & clears up acne
  • Hides blemishes & wrinkles
  • Removable heads easily cleaned between use
  • 5 different beauty heads each designed for a unique function from extracting blackheads to exfoliating dead skin cells & hiding wrinkles

Say Goodbye To Bad Skin!

1) Use after a hot shower or place a hot towel on your face for 5-10min to help "open" pores. Make sure your face is clean of excess oils before use.

2) Choose the correct suction head and level, start at the lowest level and work your way up. Refer to the suction head image above.

3) Glide the device across your face, focusing on areas with blackheads. Don't leave the device in one spot for more than 5 seconds at a time.

Beauty Tip: Use your free hand to hold the area around the vacuum as you use it to help increase suction area and prevent marks.

4) Finish off by applying a toner and moisturizer to your face. Don't forget to wash the removable heads between use!


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